An Immediate Success

The new packaging features a cleaner design, emphasizing luscious product photography and enticing, fluid lines that immediately draw attention to the water bottle's appealing curves. This easy and pleasant visual complements the intuitive grip, ideal for grabbing the drink on the go to stay active, while remaining an attractive standout on the shelf.

Words that Make a Difference

The energetic and invigorating feel of the package is a result of QNY's talented design team, largely exceeding the expectations. Using three simple words: Refresh. Rehydrate. Rejoice. the brand was ablt to connect with a newer and younger audience like never before.

The Result

The end result is a much fresher look, with a playfulness that demands attention through simplicity and brightness. QNY’s packaging has impeccably executed the flavorful profile of this refreshing drink, while giving a fresh look and feel for the sizzling personality that infuses every hydrating cup of Bodysurf.