We’re all uncertain about what to do right now. But what we are certain of is that we need to adapt quickly. Let us show you how to reach millions of more customers by utilizing new food business models today.

The pandemic has changed consumers’ world-views and brand views. Now more than ever, emotions are dictating the decision-making process. The good news is that brands able to meet consumer expectations, and resonate with their changed values, will see long-term boosts in loyalty, sales, market share, and profits. That means brands need to adapt. Brands need to identify new strategies to accommodate a vastly changed marketplace.

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    Omni shopping allows retailers to drive sales and traffic, and integrate digital touchpoints. The increased availability of multiple purchasing channels will lead to unprecedented increase in sales and traffic.

  2. GOALS

    QNY will define strategies and or implementation steps to attain optimal Omni channel success.


    Leverage purchasing power to negotiate the best strategic plan with our partners, including grocery delivery through Peapod, Instacart, and Fresh Direct, as well as direct to consumer placement on Walmart, Jet iHerb, and Target.


    QNY will review all Omni channel options and create the best plan of action to get your product ready for Omni shopping. We will then activate and monitor all selected Omni channels, maximizing your digital success with easy reporting and quick optimization.

The mantra goes “When times are good, you should advertise. When times are bad, you must advertise.” Historically, brands that cut advertising during economic downturns saw sales decrease by 25+ percent. Brands that increased advertising saw better-than-comparable sales increases ranging from 40% to 60%.

Location-Based Targeting

Target users where they are in real-time to increase campaign results! Relevant information, like product descriptions and availability, gives consumers a greater opportunity to to connect with the brands they love. As a mobile device enters a virtual boundary set up around specific retail locations, QNY will pre-program ads and push incentives to the consumer in real time!


Making efforts to improve your local sales performance.

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QNY can manage your entire media program with multiple retailers seamlessly.
We deliver targeted promoted products to online and in-market shoppers within your product categories and increase sales in real-time.

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Amazon Store Set Up

Bring the in-store experience online with a custom brand destination on Amazon. QNY will not only set up and design your custom Amazon store, but we will create your brand experience on Amazon (including Sponsored Brands and A+ Content). Getting your products in front of your target audience, and nurturing them through the purchase process should be an essential part of your Amazon strategy.

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Power the path to purchase with optimized product content

QNY will create, manage and distribute product content that instills consumers’ trust, protects brand equity and drives sales. Together we will take control of the product content journey. Imagine updating your product images, descriptions, metadata and keywords across 90% of all digital platforms and retailers in just one action? We can and we will do it together.

Sponsored Product Placement


    Sponsored Products ads allow brands vying for digital shelf space to promote their products within the search results on Amazon, Instacart, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Staples, and Kohl’s, just to name a few. QNY is able to show revenue driven from the promoted listings, and directly link an advertiser's spend to sales.


    Are your competitors bidding on your brand name? Take over the key placements where your competitors would have otherwise appeared.


    QNY will make it easier for shoppers to find your products by investing in key words and placing strategic bids that maximize ROI.


    QNY will work to streamline ROI for your marketing investment and deliver results. We have seen up to 700% returns on sponsored placement campaigns.

Targeted Landing Pages

De Cecco needed a digital campaign to drive online sales to three partner retailers Jet, Amazon and Fresh Direct. QNY created a theme for each target, bringing them to a specially-designed landing page, where the user could click to receive the digital coupon for their preferred online grocer and go straight to check out.

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Packaging Design,
Before & After

Ready For A Refresh?
BodySurf Brands came to QNY Creative to give their refreshing water-based drink a refresh of it's own. The result is the thirst-quenching look of the brand new Vitamin-Infused Flavored Water. The new packaging features a cleaner design, emphasizing luscious product photography and enticing fluid lines. The end result is a much fresher look with retailers instantly noticed.

Value & Seasonal Packaging

With bulk buying on the rise, consumers are making the switch from regular grocery stores to bulk food stores. Modify your packaging to be Value - or even holiday appropriate. Bahlsen did just that by offering a seasonal value pack just in time for the holiday season.

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When European products meet North American Markets

Our experienced International team knows how to “translate” different cultures and integrate them into the American Market. The US offers many new sales opportunities to European brands. However, the products must adapt and use a strategic approach different than ones used in Europe to establish themselves on US shelves. Marketing and sales tools have to acclimate to this dynamic market. Incorporating the latest trends, be prepared with the right materials and ultimately, perform quickly to the continuous changes of this volatile marketplace.

Content Sensitivity

Adapt Your Message
Uncertain circumstances call for clear messages. QNY utilizes extensive resources to manage all challenges that brands are facing on social media. We will help you know how and when to communicate, and when it's time to make longterm adjustments that will fit the new normal.