QNY is an award winning boutique, interdisciplinary creative agency with a team of experts at the intersection of design, digital and performance. We are based in the heart of East Midtown in New York and have had the privilege of defining some of the most visible lifestyle brands in hospitality, consumables and beauty.

Our approach is designed to mirror the customer purchasing funnel to inspire the journey from discovery to brand advocate. It takes an interconnected digital system built on the foundation of a strong narrative which is communicated through digital, content and website. It culminates at key points of conversion, enriches the experience and facilitates interaction.

We design and build brands for big and emerging brands. The QNY design team creates effective and engaging digital brand experiences through websites and digital campaigns. We offer our clients all the benefits of a digital marketing agency, with creative directors, visualizers, UX designers, developers, project managers and marketing specialists who specialize in their field. Having worked with big and emerging brands in consumer packaged goods and hospitality, our team is uniquely positioned to connect consumers to products and experiences that are right for them through websites that are designed and built to be optimized for search, engagement and conversions.

Founded in 2008.


Our clients approach us for our modern, desirable aesthetic, applied to brand identities, packaging, environments, advertising, uniforms or atmosphere. We aim to make brands covetable through refined ideas based on a firm understanding of our clients’ business objectives. All QNY campaigns are informed by deep brand strategy and insight, and produced by our teams to ensure the resulting images and messages have cut-through and impact in a crowded and competitive client market.


Branding at QNY begins with brand strategy that develops the brand’s positioning framework. Our branding team is this armed to confidently develop brand identity systems that span naming, logo design, voice definition, brand guidelines (physical and digital) and the brand narrative. These elements set the anchor for creative across all platforms.

Social Media Management

Social channels often serve as a key point of discovery- the very time a potential customer interacts with the brand in a social setting they are drawing conclusions on the overall brand. A curated and cohesive aesthetic is important to illustrating the brand’s creative direction and values – and ensuring that we touch on all the key messaging pillars.

Social strategy is never one and done. It’s a fast-paced, constantly evolving marketing channel, and our team of strategists are constantly researching and evaluating industry trends to identify ways to apply them in strategic ways to our client work. Through monthly and quarterly reporting, we use data and insights to constantly refine our content development, influencer and campaign initiatives and paid media implementation.

Content Strategy

We are content creators and viral video makers with a passion for all things social.

QNY’s story telling content strategies consider all available communication touchpoints – from social language and sales support, to website, in-store and beyond – to create an inspiring yet sensible framework for powerful storytelling that drives brand understanding and conversions.

Performance Marketing

Effective Search Engine Marketing is the key connection between your target market, digital content, and action. We measure and improve the value of every ad dollar spent on search marketing. How? Through keyword research and on-page optimization, as well as metadata framework and site structure creation, we stay ahead of constantly changing algorithms to ensure that best practices are always in place.

Social & Influencer Marketing

Communications that create essential connections between brands and consumers using both paid and unpaid channels, and encourages consumers to share brand messages to generate word of mouth.

Our team builds and executes campaign strategies where influencers produce and share branded assets, passing equity from their passionate, opt-in audiences to our clients.

Supporting multiple industries & disciplines, the diversity of our influencers, micro and macro, allow us to work with industries including beauty, fashion, food, travel and more.

Web Design & Development

Designing beautiful, rich digital experiences is our expertise. Our award-winning design team believes every brand is unique and it is our duty to discover it to create an interface that is both unique, but supported by principles of good design and intuitive use. Everything we create has its foundation in tried-and-true performance best practices; the perfect stage for authentic brand expression.


Built to drive desire and demand across multiple channels, QNY’s advertising campaigns combine creative sensibility, trends, and visual impact across a wide spectrum of clients. Whether print, television, digital or integrated, all campaigns draw upon QNY’s modern aesthetic – and are attuned to the visual and written client brand values and aesthetics.


Based on years of experience working with premium brands across various sectors and geographies, QNY’s approach to strategy employs our uniquely informed global perspective to define, position and communicate clearly our clients’ businesses and their ambitions.

Trade Marketing

QNY Creative strategies effectively blend creative-thinking with trade marketing mechanisms to strengthen both the knowledge and engagement of your brand’s portfolio within specific trade channels.

Our sales approach adapts learning-techniques in order to engage and enhance the learning curve of your brand’s sales arguments. Articulating and visualizing intangible objectives and brand messages using a signature Trade Tool-kit.

Business Evolution

Using retail industry knowledge and expertise, QNY regularly assists clients on business evolution and start up advisory projects. These projects range extensively, from analyzing and interpreting market opportunities; global market expansions from Europe to North America; or advising on strategies and tactics. QNY identifies the opportunity from a commercial level and then provides guidance towards realizing the client’s strategic ambitions.