In the heart of New York, housed in a tower building topped with a Greco-Roman temple, QNY Creative's studio comes blessed with the cosmic energies of Parnassus. "As soon as we saw the building we knew it had to be our home - where we could dream and create," says Ezio Burani and Anna Urban. "The cosmic energy was immediately present. No feng shui expert needed." The duo's "modern imaginarium" has been situated there ever since.

Computers Arts Magazine

February 4

"When it comes to curating content, the most important part is finding a style that will fit your brand’s aesthetic."

Social Media Content Management: How to Effortlessly Curate Content for Your Brand

March 21, 2017


Metamorphosis by Benny Benassi

A behind-the-scenes look with our Creative Director, Ezio Burani and Benny Benassi at the re-launch of the Metamorphosis show at Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas.

QNY on the Bethenny Show!

Kimo Bentley gets the shock of her life during the Bethenny in Your Business segment once our Brand Strategist, Anna Urban unveils Kim's new product line.