How to Write Killer Google Ads That Convert? [This Is Why No One Clicks]

Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in Google Ads. However, once you start dealing with PPC ads, you’ll encounter endless ways to write your Google Ads copy and improve your click-through and conversion rates.

July 2020

GDUSA Contest Winner - 2020 American Web Design Awards

Our 20th annual showcase of the power of design to enhance online communications and experiences. The outstanding work included here has been created by design firms, ad agencies, inhouse departments and more, and encompasses, website, microsites, apps, online advertising, social media, video and UX/UI Design.

June 2020

Creativity International Awards: Feroce Ristorante Branding

TAO Group came to QNY to create a strong brand concept and visual style for Feroce Restaurant and Bar, a brand new Italian restaurant in Chelsea, Manhattan. Feroce, meaning “ferocious” in Italian, was inspired by the elegance and tradition of Italy, plus the energy and sophistication of Manhattan.

June 2020

Creativity International Awards: Body Surf

BodySurf Brands, LLC. came to QNY Creative to reinvent the packaging for their refreshing water-based drink. The result is the refreshed look of the brand new Vitamin-Infused Flavored Water. The new packaging features a cleaner design, emphasizing luscious product photography and enticing fluid lines...

June 2020

Creativity International Awards: Bahlsen Seasonal Sleeves

Bahlsen came to QNY to showcase seasonal items in a way that would impact sales meaningfully without incurring the cost of repackaging the product. QNY solved accommodated this demand with excellent results by creating custom illustrated sleeves which fit already existing packaged products.

June 2020

Creativity International Awards: The Fleur Room

Tao Group came to QNY for creating alluring, romantic design collateral for their brand new restaurant and night club at the Moxy Chelsea, the Fleur Room. The space strives to celebrate the vibrant landscape of New York’s flower district in Chelsea, where the building is located.

June 2020

Fior Fiore Packaging Redesign U.S Market

Fior Fiore, Italy’s number one brand from Italian grocery chain COOP is unveiling a new look for its product portfolio with strategy and design by QNY Creative starting with indulgent treats and snacks on shelf in the coming fall.


May 2020

Geofencing Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for 2020

Ever wondered how you got a notification when you passed by a store or a cafe when you were thinking of buying a coffee? Or perhaps, have you ever received a coupon to buy a phone case right after purchasing a smartphone? If these instances sound very relatable, then it is due to geofencing marketing.

March 2020

25 Tips for Properly Setting Up Google Analytics On Your Website

How do you properly set up Google Analytics? In this latest report, 81 marketers weigh in on 25 things to remember to ensure you’re set up correctly.

January 2020

Ópalens Beauty

LIVIN’ LLC came to QNY to craft a memorable beauty brand focusing on luxury sunless tanner. LIVIN wished to speak to modern consumers who are searching for a fresh outlook on the beauty market. QNY responded by creating a brand that embraces the new social and aesthetic trends, mirroring the current move towards ethereal color schemes and shimmering shades.

October 2019

Highground Instant Coffee

QNY crafted bright, fresh packaging to reflect the environmentally conscious values of organic fair trade with a bold and fun edge. The new packaging is warm and eye-catching and beautifully espouses Highground’s ethos, with an intricate yet simple tropical touch.

September 2019

Bodysurf Brands Packaging Refresh

BodySurf Brands, LLC. came to QNY Creative to reinvent the packaging for their refreshing water-based drink. The result is the refreshed look of the brand new Vitamin-Infused Flavored Water. The new packaging features a cleaner design, emphasizing luscious product photography and enticing fluid lines, which immediately draw attention to the water bottle's curvilinear shape.

September 2019

Creativity International Awards Announces 2019 Media & Interactive Graphic Design + Advertising Award Winners

Creativity International Awards has announced the 2019 Media & Interactive Graphic Design + Advertising Award winners. QNY Creative: Digital Catalog – B2B - Pomi 2019 Catalog, Website – Consumer - InterContinental Washington DC - The Wharf Website, Website – Consumer - Wellington Crackers

July 2019

Top 50+ Digital Agencies in New York

#27 QNY Creative. List of the Top Full-Service Digital Agencies in New York.

June 2019

Clutch Reveals Their List of the Leading New York City B2B Companies for 2019

#39 QNY Creative. The 401 companies included in the list excel in their respective fields by providing outstanding customer service, communication, industry expertise, and results.

February 2019

Pasta Sauce by Qny Creative

Qny Creative Spotlights The Sacla Redesign Pasta Sauce

June 2018

A’ Design Award for Sacla Sauces Redesign

Silver A' Design Award Winner for Packaging Design Category in 2017

A' Design Award and Competition

April 2018

Clutch Reports Top Marketing, Advertising, IT, and Business Services Companies in New York City for 2018

New research published by Washington, DC-based ratings and reviews company Clutch, names the top-performing marketing and advertising agencies and IT and business services companies in New York.

March 2018

These Beauty Products Are Backed By Science

QNY Creative designed the glitzy packaging for BeautyBio, a brand that aims to bring science and beauty together. A minimal approach to the design paired with gorgeous rose gold elements allows for a luxurious beauty line that shines against the rest.

November 2018

Design Gallery December 2017

Yumami Go-Dip feature

Brand Packaging

December 2017

Graphic Design Magazine October 2017 USA Edition

Health + Wellness Design Awards

Graphic Design Magazine

October 2017

Website Redesign Lessons from 50+ Digital Professionals

From modernizing the look and feel of a website to addressing employee and end-users' frustrations, a website redesign project can hold a tremendous amount of promise.

October 2017

Yumami Food Company Receives NEXTY Award at the 2017 Natural Products Expo East

Yumami Food Company, known for its line of Asian-inspired savory snacks, is one of 21 brands to receive a New Hope Network 2017 Expo East NEXTY Award for outstanding new products in the natural products industry.

September 2017

Italy Goes Stateside

There is nothing more traditionally Italian than Italian Cherry Tomatoes, but when Saclà wanted to bring their premium sauce products to the US they asked us to provide a design that would make this authentic product feel familiar to the American consumer.

September 2017

The most important marketing agency KPIs

“Ultimately, the best KPI is conversion rate to sales, but most people don’t realize that it tends to be process to get there. As a Social Media Manager, I’d say that the best KPIs for newer and smaller brands are those that measure the success of...

July 2017

Yumami Go-Dip

If you’re looking for umami in a snack, you’ve found it with Yumami’s Go Dip Snack Packs. A quick, portable solution for the snacker on the go that doesn’t want to compromise convenience for wholesome, healthy ingredients.

June 2017

Always Sweeter Together

For the holiday season, Bahlsen USA tasked QNY Creative to create the design for the holiday packaging with a line extension for Leibniz Choco range with its new product “Always Sweeter Together” Holiday Gift two-pack.

June 2017

Yumami: Yumami Go-Dip by QNY Creative

For those looking for umami in a snack, Yumami’s Go Dip Snack Packs are a quick, portable solution for the snacker on the go that doesn’t want to compromise convenience for wholesome, healthy ingredients.

June 2017

Social Media Content Management: How to Effortlessly Curate Content for Your Brand

"When it comes to curating content, the most important part is finding a style that will fit your brand’s aesthetic."


March 2017

Crown Partners with Former Shark Tank Contestant Victoria’s Kitchen To Win Gold in 2015 Global Packaging Design Awards

Crown’s sleek-line 12-ounce cans deliver a smaller serving size and feature a matte finish that draw attention to the graphic designs, which were developed by QNY Creative (New York, NY)...

December 2015

Olive Water is a Rejuvenating Superdrink That Recently Rebranded

Olive Water is a unique Mediterranean-inspired superdrink that recently underwent a visual identity overhaul.

June 2015

Olive Water

QNY CREATIVE was selected to redesign the packaging of OLIVE WATER produced by EVEE, by reintroducing the brand in a new, fresh and bold way.

June 2015

Tastefully Simple

On the crowded shelves of a supermarket dairy case, there is no room for message ambiguity. To maximize the marketing messages for Alouette’s Crème de Brie cheese line’s impact in the five seconds the average...

August 2014

QNY on the Bethenny Show!

Kimo Bentley gets the shock of her life during the Bethenny in Your Business segment once our Brand Strategist, Anna Urban unveils Kim's new product line.


March 2014

Fuga dall'Italia: otto italiani che hanno scelto l'estero (e che ce l'hanno fatta)

Un biglietto solo andata per trasferirsi a vivere all'estero: è quanto sognano molti italiani, e hanno sognato in passato, per cambiare vita e cercare fortuna.

March 2014

QNY Creative's New York studio is a modern imaginarium

In the heart of New York, housed in a tower building topped with a Greco-Roman temple, QNY Creative's studio comes blessed with the cosmic energies of Parnassus...

February 2014

Victoria's Kitchen Almond Water

Victoria's Kitchen is a young californian start up, first launched their Almond Water in 2012. Inspired by a traditional and artisanal recipe from grandmother's kitchen, Almond Water is the perfect combination of delicate yet tasty flavors.

September 2013

UKI Packaging Design

QNY Creative was invited to collaborate on reinvigorating the current UKI product line and take it in a new design direction. The brand identity of UKI was updated with new sleek more defined lines and a new visual identity.

May 2013

Metamorphosis by Benny Benassi

A behind-the-scenes look with our Creative Director, Ezio Burani and Benny Benassi at the re-launch of the Metamorphosis show at Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub

January 2013

Spendid Blend Cranberry and Orange Juice

QNY Creative designed a luscious 360 degree shrink sleeve packaging that combines bright hero fruit photography with oceanscape illustrations.

October 2012

For the Love of Luxe

Considering the economic challenges consumers have been through the past few years, it’s easy to assume that we’re more apt to embrace packaged products that are austere in nature.

May 2012

Dr.Jacobs Packaging

Qubic New York designed the packaging to stay true to the purity of the soap's ingredients by playfully depicting the flavors to match each of the seven fragrances. The color palette and floral patterns are...

August 2011

Levi's Unisex Fragrance

This is a concept for the 501 unisex scent. They are still in the connecting phase but the concept and bottle are well received. The idea is to use recycled 501 buttons from old jeans for the metal of the fragrance bottle.

April 2011