The Mezcal Lounge is a VIP experience which can be accessed through the rearmost hallway of the seafood restaurant during the day, while at night you can access it through a separate entrance off Miami Beach’s iconic Washington Avenue. Through its brooding and mysterious ambiance, you will feel submerged in a catacomb where the ancient story of the mezcal is revealed.

Upon entering the foyer there is a secret wooden door magnanimously depicting the ancient Aztec Chief Elder narrating the creation of the Mezcal tequila. Over 400 years ago, the Spanish conquerors arrived and taught the Village Elder distillation techniques which he later applied to the agave, thus creating the Mezcal. Those traditions were passed down from generation to generation, immortalizing the image of the Elder and his archaic wisdom on these wooden doors. The Chief is sitting with his legs crossed balancing a large basket filled with an agave plant, while looking after his villages’ most prized possession. He will let you in to taste the essence of the agave beyond these doors if you desire to sample the collection. The numerous Mezcal tequila are on display in all four corners of the foyer and testing room. The bottles are placed on back lit clear tempered glass, bequeathing the illusion of glow. The glass is held by an aged copper structure that is gripped by the fists of the Chief Elder himself.

To the right of the lounge is the bar, showcasing a staggered terra cotta brick wall from which some bricks are extruded creating shelfs for the bottle display. The bottles all glow continuously thus granting an ominous feel to the space. The bar front is a rough black three-layered concrete counter that sits staggered with lighting in between. The bar front appears carved and is adorned with a black stone top to bring a touch of elegance. In summary, these structures eco the feeling of an ancient indigenous burial ground which we have converted into a lounge.
Everywhere from its natural earthbound finishes, carvings, artifacts, and vibrant dark colors, the Mezcal Lounge will indulge you in the ancient flavors of Mexico.