Aqua Nobel is a Swedish company that offers nutritious, sustainable waters.

Their products are sourced from southern Sweden with the ecosystem in mind.
Now, you might ask – why all this talk about sustainability? Because environmental consciousness runs deep in the culture of our country. Naturally, at the very core of Aqua Noble’s mission is to promote products that use 78% renewable and 100% recyclable packaging.

Winner of the 2022 Indigo Graphic Design Award and 2022 MUSE Design Award.

Indigo Design Awards MUSE Design Awards MUSE Design Awards

To introduce its brand and products to the U.S market, Aqua Nobel commissioned QNY Creative to redesign its packaging. The goal was to create a distinctive packaging that would be very attractive on the supermarket shelves while being successful at communicating the product’s benefits. We played with functional typographies and ensured the product offer is front and center: Vitamin Infused Water.

To reinforce that our waters have hints of flavor and are not juices, we used a minimalistic approach and got rid of heavily colored backgrounds. For clarity, we infused the ingredients in every pack: Naturally Flavored Lemon + Ginger, Watermelon + Raspberry, and Blood Orange + Grapefruit. To further strengthen the company’s Swedish identity and sustainability mindset, we incorporated the flag in the logo: Sourced in Sweden.

The graphic system also allows the possibility of brand expansion, making it easier to adopt the new design to new flavors, always focusing on providing their customers with vitamin-infused water, brought directly from the source.

The new packaging is bright and exciting and encapsulates Aqua Nobels’s ethos, with a fun yet clear message.

We have created packaging and digital products that truly promotes its sustainable product, from the ground up.