Roasted Coffee Express

The story of Roasted Coffee Express begins in the tropics. It is a story of colors, vegetation, textures, and moments that craft a specialty product that is more than coffee, an opportunity, a moment of celebration, an explosion of flavor and rigor that projects depth and allure. If a photo can say more than a thousand words, for a brand, the packaging must be where more than a thousand stories are told.

Roasted Coffee Express came to QNY Creative to design a packaging that would perfectly espouse the richness of the product story: coffee that is more than taste, but a real resource for the Fairtrade economy of Peruvian farmers in-line with the modern American consumer. The result is an optimally designed pack with ornate illustrations and a refined sensibility that transcends location, lending viewers the experience of exploring a different world through a simple glance.

The concept, like the coffee, came straight from the source: South American landscapes and the fauna, and flora typical of Peru. The illustrated details give the brand a more personal, crafted, and elegant touch that enhances the visuals, while also appealing to the premium consumer the brand strives to capture. Understanding the coffee flavors is a multisensorial experience, which through the tropical hues of jewel-toned jade green, topaz blue, golden cornflower yellow, and deep red, engages the viewer, becoming a feast for the eyes and an immediate shelf standout.

The luxurious Specialty Premium line, designed along with the Premium line and the Capsules, relies on darker, more seductive shades and metallic foil details to elevate the refined feel of Roasted Coffee Express to a luxurious paradise, impossible to ignore.
The result is an inimitable brand that tells a story with a single pack.