Spread Too Thin

On the crowded shelves of a supermarket dairy case, there is no room for message ambiguity. To maximize the marketing messages for Alouette’s Crème de Brie cheese line’s impact in the five seconds the average shoppers spends glancing in the product’s direction, Alouette decided to update its Crème de Brie cheese line packaging to instantaneously reinforce the product’s branding every time the consumer looks at it and convey spread ability of the product. 

Premium Quality

To enhance the perception of premium quality and spreadability, we chose to convey these attributes through the packaging, specifically through its label. Rather than trying to tell consumers about the distinct attributes of the cheese through printed words, we helped Alouette determine it would be more meaningful to show shoppers the quality and spreadability of the Crème de Brie.

Shelf Pop

The addition of color to the lid reaped big benefits by making it easier for consumers to choose their favorite varieties and raising the product’s profile in the dairy case with a clearly differentiated look. Message solidification and simpler, imaged design lets consumers know instantly that these spreadable cheeses are delectably creamy delights.

Increase in sales
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Alouette Crème de Brie
Alouette Crème de Brie