Pomì Launches the The Italian Weekend Trio

The past year has seen the food industry reinvent sustainable ways to market products across the digital space. In the midst of the global pandemic, trips to the supermarket or local grocery store have become less and less common.

It was this concern that Pomì USA saw to address through a revolutionary launch for the company: The Italian Weekend Tomato Trio. The tomato sauce giant came to QNY Creative to design an alluring pack for its boxed tomatoes variety pack, one that would be safe to purchase online but would evoke Pomì’s Italian origins by inviting consumers to travel back to Europe in one simple bite.

QNY Creative responded by crafting a design experience that welcomes viewers with resounding joy. The Italian Trio is the only way to experience Pomì’s most famous offerings in smaller quantities, allowing shoppers to find their personal favorites in a convenient and appealing fashion. The sleeve that encases the three SKUs—Strained, Chopped, and Finely Chopped Tomatoes—transforms three vastly different products into one cohesive promise: that of a bright and enticing voyage in the tastes, colors, and textures of Italy, from the comforts of our own kitchen.

The result was a revolutionary success that spearheaded Pomì’s efforts as an e-commerce brand, fully inhabiting 2021’s online marketplace, becoming an instant holiday season favorite for new customers and older aficionados.

What's Unique? Bright, painted designs adorn the box in vibrant shades of vivid reds, yellows, and greens that seem to dance across the sleeve, creating an atmosphere of joyful celebration. Amongst the illustrations of juicy, appetizing tomatoes and playful pasta, we find Vespas and architectural elements, from iconic landmarks to passport-style stamps and even airplanes.

Together, they transform what seems to be a simple sleeve on the surface, into a symbolic ticket to an exotic destination, guaranteeing the authenticity of Pomì tomatoes, while also inviting us to travel back to Italy ourselves. The handy smaller packs are the perfect two-person portion, lessening commitments for new consumers, while also becoming the ideal size for singles or couples looking to spend a reinvigorating weekend abroad, even without physically leaving their home.