#Zinting Social Campaign

The Company
Zint Nutrition is a highly regarded health supplement brand. Their products are popular with customers who take living a healthy lifestyle seriously. All of their products are organic, gluten-free, Kosher, and dairy-free. QNY recently redesigned their packaging (Winning a Health + Beauty Award) and decided it was time to up their social media strategy. They came to us asking if we would be able to raise brand awareness for their beautiful new products, help convert to sales, and grow their social following.

Our social team said - Absolutely.

Zint Nutrition needed to create a brand voice on social media. We decided this could easily be achieved by using influencers to set themselves apart from their competitors and sell more product. With their new package design, they were ready to launch a campaign and ship the rebranded products to influencers.

We knew that the combination of Zint Nutrition’s beautiful redesign, coupled with the quality of their product, would make a great influencer campaign. Our social team hand selected the perfect mix of influencers to market their collagen, gelatin, and xylitol products so that Zint Nutrition would get maximum impressions for their budget.

Health food and Wellness

United States

Campaign Dates
November 2016-January 2017


Our social media team worked to create a calendar around Zint Nutrition’s rebranded launch of their collagen, gelatin, and xylitol products. We wanted to work with influencers to make engaging lifetstyle content that would raise awareness for the products on Instagram and Facebook. We also armed each of our influencers with a coupon code to help the campaign convert to sales. This new content, along with this enticing code, marked the start of our #zinting campaign.

The Content

We worked with influencers to create content that was perfect for Zint Nutrition’s new, feminine, aesthetic and their target health-conscious audience. Our social team provided influencers with the brand’s needs and goals so they could make it come to life. 

+60.9% Growth in Instagram following
+100% Growth in Natural Instagram Engagement
+100% Growth in Facebook Following
+1.8M Total Impressions
#Zinting Social Campaign
#Zinting Social Campaign