A Unique Opportunity

The International Pasta Organization wanted its community to rediscover the passion of cooking a good and a nutritionally complete dish of pasta--even at home, during the quarantine. The IPO Invited all Carbonara lovers to share their homemade Carbonara recipes, to make the celebration go viral, and unite them across the globe.

Activation for the Initiative Involved

  • Original Carbonara recipe creations, featuring photos and videos that illustrate the right ingredients to cook the perfect pasta at home.
  • 2 Videos showcasing #stayathome Carbonara Recipes.
  • Tagging social media post using the hashtags #Carbonaraday , #Carbonarahomemade, highlighting the initiative across social media platforms.

A United Pasta Celebration

Nuovo Pasta participated in #Carbonaraday by creating two videos made with two of their products; Gluten Free Gnocchi and Classic Italian Cheese Ravioli. Carbonara is a versatile recipe, that can be altered depending on preference or allergen necessity, and made with ingredients that can be accessible in any household. QNY leveraged its influencer network to craft a six ingredient Carbonara Recipe using Nuovo Pasta Gnocchi and Ravioli.

A Match Made in Heaven

Nuovo Pasta uploaded two videos on both Instagram and Facebook channels, for a total of 4 posts, using the hashtags of the global campaign, #Carbonaraday and #Carbonarahomemade. The participation of the overall initiative was tremendous with over 41,000 Instagram posts using the hashtag.

851,000 Total Impressions

312,000 Video Views

170 New Followers

A Day To Remember

To support the social media initiatives, both recipes were uploaded to the official Nuovo Pasta website, also designed by QNY, cataloguing the initiative and enriching the brand's appetizing recipe catalogue. A global announcement was also made on the home page to link back to all initiatives and drive back traffic into the social media posts, further engaging and growing their audience.