Numbers That Speak for Themselves

QNY's constant drive for performance-based results took IHG's efforts to the next level. Exceeding our industry benchmark KPIs by an unprecedented margin, we earned a exceptional results--an unparalleled victory for QNY's digital team and for IHG's bookings.

Search CTR: 6.47% (38.2% more than industry average)

Display CTR: 0.61% (30.1% more than industry average)

Constant Innovation

Performance calls for innovation.
Our evergreen search for new trends and ideas leads us to close the years with astounding results, both for revenue and performance metrics:

  • YoY Total Booked Revenue +38%
  • YoY Goal Conversion Rate +18,5%
  • YoY Total SEM Campaign Impressions +540%
  • YoY Total Traffic +72%

The elegance and universal appeal of our creative is an immediate conversion booster. Focusing on aspirational, sultry photography with an intriguing offer has been QNY's masterful formula for easy clicks and conversions.