At the heart of our packaging redesign for Pomì lies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, with an unwavering commitment to sustainability

Tasked with adapting this global transition for the US market, our team at QNY aimed to preserve the brand’s storied heritage while propelling it into a new era of consumer engagement. At the heart of the design is the iconic Pomì tomato, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to purity and quality – offering just one ingredient, tomatoes, with no additives. This emblematic image is now set against a bold, all-red backdrop, ensuring the packaging pops on shelves and immediately draws the eye of the consumer.

To ensure product differentiation, we introduced clear, easily legible identifiers for each tomato variant – strained, chopped, passata, and pureed – directly on the Principal Display Panel (PDP). This strategic choice aids in quick consumer recognition and decision-making.
The Pomì logo itself received a size enhancement, magnifying brand presence and aiding in a seamless transition during the new packaging rollout. For the US audience, a visual of fresh sauce in a striking white bowl sits prominently on the PDP, serving not only as an identifier but as an inspiration for the culinary creations that Pomì enables.
Further encapsulating the essence of Pomì’s Italian roots, we incorporated the Italian flag and a ‘Made in Italy’ seal prominently on the packaging front, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to authenticity and quality. Calls to action like “Great for Sauces” were also included to resonate with consumers’ culinary experiences and anticipated uses of Pomì products.
Introducing a bowl filled with rich tomato sauce on the Product Display Panel (PDP) was a strategic design element that serves multiple functions. To aid in quick product identification for consumers navigating the grocery aisles, looking for sauce ingredients. The depiction of the sauce in a bowl also acts as a visual serving suggestion, conveying the readiness of the product to be used directly in the preparation of tomato-based sauces. This visual cue not only enhances the packaging’s aesthetic appeal but also reinforces the brand’s message of quality and convenience. It subtly communicates to shoppers that Pomì tomatoes are an ideal, time-saving choice for sauce-making, while also giving a hint of the product’s texture and consistency, ensuring customers of its suitability for their culinary needs.
We also expanded the Pomì range with a US-exclusive line of Crushed Tomatoes in 13.08 oz Tetra Pak easy-to-open cartons, infused with fresh Basil, Garlic, Chili, and Onion. The new line presents a vibrant selection of flavor-infused tomato products, each distinctively packaged to captivate and inform the consumer at first glance. The line features an array of enriching tastes, such as fresh basil, garlic, chili, and onion, each packaged in its unique, bold color that serves as a visual cue to the flavor inside.
Designed specifically for the U.S. market, these products stand out as shelf disrupters, with the vivid colors enhancing the connection to their respective flavors, ensuring they catch the consumer’s eye. The packaging is not just about visual appeal; it is functionally enhanced with product flavor tags and time-saving callouts, making it clear that these tomatoes are perfect for crafting quick, flavorful sauces without needing additional fresh ingredients. The larger Pomi logo ensures brand recognition during this exciting transition to a more colorful, convenience-focused product line.
This innovative approach caters to the consumer’s desire for convenience, quality, and visual appeal, all while maintaining Pomì’s commitment to using 100% fresh Italian tomatoes—a testament to their dedication to authenticity and quality.
Each of these elements comes together to convey a story of heritage, quality, and innovation, ensuring that Pomì stands out in the competitive US market as a leader in made in Italy sustainable and authentic Italian tomato products.