Resi had already distinguished itself in the coffee market back in 1936, when Alfredo Resi bought the finest coffee beans from South America, Brazil, and Africa back to Italy. Not only had Resi produced his coffee for the Allied Armed Forces during the second World War, the family name had also become a central landmark in the Neapolitan coffee market.


Today, with more than 85 years of experience, Resi guarantees a deep-rooted passion and knowledge of true Italian espresso, combining the tradition of master roasters with excellent technical expertise.

To introduce its brand and products to the U.S. market, Resi commissioned QNY Creative to redesign its packaging. The main focus was to make this packaging a love letter to Italy, using the Vesuvius and the Neapolitan bay to evoke the company’s origin. Since Resi coffee is available in whole bean, ground bags, and capsules, the logo’s “e” resembles a coffee bean, providing a direct link to the product.