pH Skincare Revolution
Personalized skincare rooted in pH science, designed to disrupt. Focused on eye-catching, playful packaging to solve market visibility and appeal to a youthful demographic.

In our work with Sel:Ph, we focused on simplicity and accessibility, crafting a packaging design that stands out for its vibrant colors and clear message. It's all about bringing fun and science together, making sure each product not just catches the eye but also tells a story of quality and care.

Anna Urban from our Brand Stetegy team really got to the heart of what Sel:Ph is about – it's a brand that's as lively and colorful as the people it's for. We aimed to capture that spirit of youth and innovation, making every piece of packaging a part of Sel:Ph’s exciting journey in skincare. Working alongside Fusion Packaging, we rolled out products like the First Base pH Balanced Moisturizer and a range of microboosters, each interchangeable with the user in mind. From the playful foam pump of the Major Clean Cleanser to the practicality of the UV Veil SPF 50 Sunscreen, our designs were all about making skincare personal, accessible and innovative.
The essence of our project with Sel:Ph was personalization – creating products that recognize and celebrate the unique needs of every skin type. With a packaging palette that's as bold and diverse as our audience, we made sure each item is not just seen but remembered. At QNY Creative, we're proud to help bring Sel:Ph’s vision to life, offering skincare solutions that are as individual as the people who use them. Join us in this journey of discovery and expression, and let’s redefine skincare together.