Shining Bright at 75 Years: Reese celebrates its heritage of bringing a world of flavor to your table.
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Reese Specialty Foods is an American company that offers the highest quality products from different corners of the world; offerings include artichokes, hearts of palm, capers, seafood, sauces and more. They have been America’s most trusted name in gourmet specialty ingredients for almost a century, and every product must meet the highest standards for taste, quality and affordability. Their products are sourced from all over the world so American consumers can experience worldly dishes at the comfort of their own home.


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To boost brand and product awareness in the U.S market, QNY Creative has created a social and digital marketing campaign focusing on their 75 year anniversary. The goal was to craft a compelling social and digital marketing campaign to celebrate their 75 year anniversary and boost Reese’s mission as a brand, as well as its attributes and increase website traffic.

At the heart of the project was a nostalgic influence distinctly imbued with gourmet dining. QNY responded by assisting in the art direction, copywriting, design, and online brand awareness via social media, newsletters, display ads, and press releases. All to celebrate timeless flavors, and encourage recipe creation with Reese products among consumers.

The campaign strives to devise a detailed retrospective, from how Reese started and how it became America’s most trusted name in gourmet specialty food ingredients. To accomplish this, QNY dug deeper into the brand’s rich history, returning to its core mission - to share exotic delicacies belonging to different cultures from all over the world to the American consumer.


More than 1,483,556 impressions across all media and social platforms.

Partnering up with Nostalgia Electronics for a highly anticipated Instagram sweepstakes.
A timeless tablescape inspired by Reese’s rich history and position as the most trusted brand in gourmet specialty food ingredients – showcased on multiple social channels and led traffic to recipes on website.
Email marketing with over 56k reach of the brand’s intended audience, 10,196 opens, and a 9.35% open rate.
Created 5 brand new GIPHY stickers resulting in 164,068 views.
Gained awareness through 8 press releases.
display ads
679,299 impressions
0.42% CTR
$0.15 Avg. CPC