The Company
The Nuovo Pasta brand has grown into a family of culinary trained associates who share a vision to produce a unique selection of premium pasta and sauces in innovative flavors, colors, and shapes. These artisanal products are crafted in the HACCP certified, USDA inspected, state-of-the-art facility in Stratford, CT.


USA, Mexico

Campaign Dates
September 2017- Present

Nuovo Pasta is a renown pasta brand that dominates the private-label sphere. They wanted to branch out and spread the word about their artisanal pastas under their own name.

Our social team was tasked with growing their accounts, running ads, and creating content for the brand. But that’s not all–our team was also asked to partner with retailers and influencers to help raise brand awareness.

The Results
We create photos for Nuovo Pasta on a monthly basis. In fact, we use our network of influencers to promote the brands pastas and become brand ambassadors on a monthly basis as well. Photoshoots reflect an internal promotional calendar as well as highly curated mood-boards made with tender care by our social team. Content is strategically designed to connect with the elevated foodie, while not excluding bargain shoppers. Our social media team are creatives who work with photographers, influencers, and stylists in a hands-on way to make beautiful content. This content can then be re-posted onto retail channels to generate excitement for the brand.