Stunning at First Glance

Utilizing proprietary product photography as our starting point, we worked with Amazon's modular layouts to create show-stopping, branded banners. Capitalizing on best-selling products and categories, we combined creative layouts with unique selling points to spotlight the nutritional qualities of Pomì's products.

Impeccable Product Pages

Emphasizing the practicality of the packaging, we meticulously revamped all existing product mockups to immediately feature quantities and ingredients. Focusing on affordability and convenience is key on Amazon, and we used vivid graphics to make Pomì's tomato products stand out amidst the feed.

Consistent Branding, With A Bonus

A consistent brand presence is a must to make the customer experience seamlessly engaging. That's why we created new content centered around the components that highlight the many uses of products. From authentic gorgeous shots of the product's native Italian fields, to rich culinary photography and energetic, dynamic graphics and copy, the end result is a beautiful and exciting user experience with concrete conversion potential.