SEM: Redefined

With a focused keyword strategy, and a tailored structure to organize a wide array of campaigns, centered on branded terms and neighborhood destinations, it wasn't long before Crowne Plaza earned incredible numbers, with click-conversion rates reaching whopping results.

12% Click Conversion Rate on Bookings

Compelling Creative

With the help of QNY's versatile and skilled design team, we crafted ads that were both on-brand and visual showstoppers. The compelling copy and modern typography seamlessly integrated on a number of selectively targeted Display network affiliated websites. The result? An irresistible CTR.

1.12% Display CTR

Never Losing an Opportunity

By capitalizing on key retargeting audiences, QNY ensured that not a single eyeball was lost on Crowne. Users who visited and interacted with the website were then shown similar display creative, with emphasis being placed on exclusive promotions and offers that would drive interest and stimulate brand consideration.

Crowne Plaza HY36's new website contributed to a 35% sales lift for the vanity website.

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