The packaging crafted by QNY perfectly echoes the iridescent soul of the brand. A multicolor, changing color scheme was chosen to mirror the inner reflection of the beauty the product will be enhancing. Traditional earthy bronzes were forged in favor of a rainbow of soft pastel shades, for a more modern, outside-the-box approach.

The accompanying logotype also made use of the brand’s new name Ópalens and the capital accented O to emphasize the wonder-inducing results of the product. The ending result is a packaging that feels luxurious but also magical, and an immediate standout on the shelf.

The usage of iridescent foil for the logo in the packaging alludes to the concept of the brand: Illumination. The foil reflects the light in the packaging in a similar way people receive sun rays when tanning by the pool or the beach. The brand concept is to give people a healthy product to get a natural tan without compromising health using natural, cruelty-free ingredients, one of the reasons why the packaging has a minimal, clean and bright design.