Nuovo Pasta’s greatest strentgh lies in creating a contemporary culinary experience by following a traditional age-old method of making pasta. Its pasta and sauce production consists in utilizing high tech equipment that replicates artisan handmade pasta and filling craftsmanship. Furthermore, Nuovo deeply cares about high quality and unique ingredients that transform every meal into a savory experience for all pasta lovers.

Nuovo Pasta commissioned QNY Creative to design their new vegan line, which wants to emulate the artisanal and traditional art of making ravioli - a paper texture in the background is contrasted with colors inspired by the ingredients found in each flavor.
Another fundamental element of the packaging design is the illustration of the wheat, a direct callout to ancient grains, which is a line of 100% vegan pasta and plant-based fillings. The packaging film also partially covers the pasta tray, allowing the consumer to view the content without opening it.

Finally, Nuovo Pasta proudly combines classic pasta shapes and designs with innovative flavor concepts, constantly under the skillful eyes of trained culinary experts.