The Challenge

Opening a hotel and standing out during #NYFW is a tall order. With the help of 20 top tier fashion and lifestyle influencers, including Negin Mirsalehi, Jen Selter and Beautiful Destinations, QNY helped Hotel Indigo L.E.S. launch an aggressive influencer staycation campaign during Fashion Week and beyond to drive awareness of the hotel while drawing many a model and fashion friend.

Hotel Indigo L.E.S. rolled out the red carpet for their selected influencers. This willingness of the brand to put together an amazing experience for these influencers resulted in millions of engagements.


Social influencers have become the fastest-growing area of communications, fundamentally changing what we understand about purchasing power. They bridge the gap between consumers and the brand. Influencers produce their own editorial content styling, modeling, editing, etc. This will influence potential guests to consider staying with Hotel Indigo L.E.S. over other hotels using traditional print ads with photos of empty rooms. Hotel Indigo L.E.S. is a lifestyle hotel with a street fashion twist. Immediately we thought about Fashionista Negin who is a social media darling and trendsetter with a 3.5 Million following. We believe the powerful voices and recommendations of influencers play a much greater role in affecting consumer decisions than previous paid forms of advertising.

1.06 million Engagements
100+ Organic posts around #hotelindigoles
26 million Impressions
$2.82 Effective CPM
Increase in collaborations
Climbed more than
Hotel Indigo Lower East Side Social
Hotel Indigo Lower East Side Social
Hotel Indigo Lower East Side Social