A Brand New Chapter in Our Stories

Becoming Fairtrade Certified was a big win for Reese, so the campaign focused on celebrating the announcement with a series of Instagram posts and Stories. Creative built up anticipation by using enticing posts before the announcement as means of maximizing consumer awareness and impact upon launch. The results showed.

  • 432,886 Impressions
  • 362,916 Users Reached

Fighting for A Higher ground

Stunning visuals also enhanced our Instagram Stories Campaign. Consumer education was a priority of our strategy, never neglecting to inform our followers on the importance of our cause: fighting for better investments by farmers and their communities. Using vector illustrations and more complex sketching created a visual blend that was both approachable and authentic.

  • 27,414 Story Impressions
  • 23,119 Users Reached

A Match Made in Heaven

The campaign was also a tremendous brand-awareness result in Giphy views. With custom designed dynamic GIFs, the message of love was a mere taps away from a tremendous amount of impressions. Not to mention, the campaign also promoted a coupon to save $.50 at the next purchase.

  • 1,141,471,100,000 Potential Impressions

Efforts that Paid Off

Each brand contributes its own unique identity to their strategic partnership and together their market strength, brand awareness and the positive associations with each brand are strengthened.