1 Havarti Brand: Havarti Awareness Campaign

The Company
Arla Foods


Arla Foods partnered with QNY to grow the Havarti category within the US specialty cheese market and position Castello as the category leader.

QNY Created a 360 Discover Havarti campaign to drive awareness, household penetration and buy rate of Havarti within the US market through an integrated marketing strategy.
  • Drives awareness of and positions Havarti as an approachable, versatile, every day cheese.
  • Educates consumers on Havarti to increase consideration, drive household penetration and increase usage.
  • Increases loyalty by communicating Castello’s point of difference and reasons to believe.
  • Supports new distribution and strategic sales customers.
Castello became the Havarti category leader with 43% $ share in the Specialty Cheese Category with the Discover Havarti campaign.
  • Havarti share grew +8.3% (6.5pp) vs. YA.
The Discover Havarti campaign lead to Castello Havarti Household Penetration to growth to +25% HHP meeting their consumer objective.

Driving Havarti sales growth by 25% vs. YA
1.65MM Campaign Impressions
15.7% Household Penetration Growth
+8.3% Share Grouth
$1.8MM Total Media Investment
1 Havarti Brand
1 Havarti Brand
1 Havarti Brand
1 Havarti Brand
1 Havarti Brand
1 Havarti Brand