Nocello Web Design

Nocello asked QNY Creative to relaunch an intuitive yet authentic website for their line of refined walnut liqueurs. The website would echo the brand’s existing combination of tradition and sophistication, alongside the simplicity of the Italian tradition. The result is a classic website that seamlessly transitions into the digital age of 2021.

Photography is king in the modern design implemented for Nocello’s website. With a large showcase of evocative cellars and luminous product shots, the quality and brilliance of Nocello liqueur are instantly recognizable. With the addition of beautifully illustrated details and a vintage color palette of neutral beige shades, viewing the site is akin to peeking in a window to view the past.

The depth and simplicity of the website allow the product to speak for itself: through the inclusion of recipes and an emphasis on historical detailing, the content comes in the foreground as a focus of Nocello’s rich history. Heading straight into the future with informed authenticity and a renowned sensibility to digital literacy, the responsive layout creates a versatility that makes the user experience extremely easy to grasp.

The new Nocello website isn’t just easy on the eyes, it also becomes a hub for information and new surprises to discover, which transform the product into a new resource for endless uses.