Unique, unmistakable, incomparable. Grana Padano PDO Cheese is aged for a minimum of 9 months, producing the taste of Italian quality with a centuries-old history. The significance of the name Grana Padano sets it apart, with a unique taste that is instantly recognizable by its mark of origin.

While the iconic Grana Padano Fire Branded Logo isn’t on every cheese wedge, customers can still identify the imprint of the seal stamp “GRANA” and “PADANO” along the crust knowing it’s quality Grana Padano cheese, making it synonymous with instant recognition. The seal stamp of “GRANA” and “PADANO” will become the most recognizable aspect of the cheese and the product identifier.

QNY Creative was asked to create a digital campaign to create brand awareness for Grana Padano in the U.S. The “Find the Seal” campaign goal was to promote the Grana Padano brand, educate consumers, and ensure them that they are purchasing authentic Grana Padano cheese.

Grana Padano is synonymous with guaranteed cheese quality, and we want the authentic Italian cheese to start to speak for itself. We’ll educate our consumers by telling them to demand this exemplary standard of excellence through the simple magic of asking for Grana Padano.